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XTCC Special for Lubricating Grease

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As an emerging functional annexing agent, XTCC has been widely applied in many industries and productions. After years of research and development, our XTCC special for lubricating grease is produced with special technology. Its particle size is 15-40nm, and possesses large surface area and high activity. It can be used in lithium base grease, calcium base grease, high temperature grease, general purpose lithium base grease, EP aluminium base grease etc.

1.Excellent filling property. It can adjust the viscosity, stability and penetration of lubricating grease effectively without sedimentation. Compared with the traditional lubricate grease, it’s more stable and the viscosity doesn’t change over time any more.
2.Good thermostable performance. For high temperature is generated from machines’ longtime dynamical friction, lubricating grease will be lost along with its lubrication action. This condition will be totally improved when XTCC is added.
3.Perfect Nano characters. Since it possesses activity and lubricating property itself, when mixed with lubricating grease, the double lubrication will lower the machines’ abrasion effectively.
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