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XTCC Special for Rubber

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Calcium carbonate is widely used in rubber industry as a traditional filler. Different from the ordinary calcium carbonate, which is short of macromolecule affinity dispersibility and reinforcing function, our nano-precipitated calcium carbonate, made through special processes, with smaller particle(15-40nm), uniform distribution, large surface area and high activity, possesses unparalleled properties.

1.Excellent filling performance. It will shorten the vulcanizing time, reduce the rubber dosage, replace (white) carbon black, decrease the cost, and modify the processability, such as decrease shrinking percentage, enhance surface evenness, strengthen vulcanizate hardness and stress at definite elongation with no pollution. Besides, it has a good bending resistance in light color products, so it’s very applicable to light and colorful products.
2.Brilliant reinforcement performance. Due to its good affinity and dispersibility with rubber macromolecule, along with its good reinforcement, it will improve the tensile strength, tear strength, abrasive resistance and aging resistance of rubber at the same time. Different from the ordinary filler, it brings no negative effects. Practical application shows that, if XTCC is used in rubber products, its bending deflection will be increased by 1-5 times and tensile strength will be increased by 37.4-44.0%. If XTCC is used in raw materials, such as NBR, SBR and IIR, their vulcanizing strength will be increased by 33-41%, bending deflection will be increased by 1-7 times and save 5-10% rubber. XTCC is the perfect reinforced material.
3.Perfect nano characters. With the surface activity, and under the irradiation of sunlight and ultraviolet, it will resolve free negatively charged electron and leave positively charged hole, which possesses high activity and is easy to react with oxygen or organic matter, and kill viruses and bacteria. So, when applied in rubber sole and decorative rubber, XTCC has the special function of deodorization, antitoxin and mildew proof.
4.Widespread application. It can be widely used in natural rubber(NR), nitrile butadiene rubber(NBR), styrene butadiene rubber(SBR), isobutylene isoprene rubber(IIR), butadiene rubber(BR), ethylene propylene diene monomer(EPDM), silicon rubber and styrene butadiene styrene etc. It has been widely used in rubber  industry of developed country. Take Japan for example, XTCC application area covers from oil seal, auto parts, thread to rubber tube, rubber belt, rubber axle and tyre.
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