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XTCC Special for Plastic

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In recent years, modified plastic with XTCC has been a new-born technology containing the excellent performance of unique surface effect/ volume effect and quantum effect. Our nano-precipitated calcium carbonate is a special stuff in the process of manufacturing modified plastic with quite nice applied performance, such as smaller diameter, narrow distribution, regular crystal, higher whiteness, better dispersion and lower moisture etc.

1.To improve the tenacity and intensity. It can significantly strengthen plastic’s rigidity and tenacity, improve its thermostability and dispersibility, thus to make the products has a better dimensional stability and improve its rheological property. For example, fill 20%-30% nano-precipitated calcium carbonate in PVC plastic can significantly enhance its tenacity and intensity, that will separately make the impact strength and tensile strength of its gap 40% and 20% higher than that of filling with ordinary precipitated calcium carbonate, besides, it also play a part in the flame retardant and smoking suppression.
2.To improve gloss and transparency. It can significantly enhance the products’ gloss and transparentness. At the same time, it will reduce energy consumption during the process of extrusion and injection modeling. That’s very suitable for manufacturing products that transparency and glossiness are required.
3.To reduce the cost. As for its good dispersibility and reinforcement, on equal condition, its filling volume is 30-50% higher than the general precipitated calcium carbonate’s. Therefore it can effectively lower the cost. For example, the filler content in PVC toughening materials,HDPE modified materials and PE films are 20-30%, 25-30% and 10-40%, which is far more beyond those of general precipitated calcium carbonate.

4.To be widely used. It can be applied in varied modified plastic made from polyethylene(PE), polyvinyl chloride(PVC), polypropylene(PP), polystyrene(PS), acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene(ABS) as well as chloridized polyethylene(CPE), and it can also be applied in some small parts on the fields of producing plastic steel window, pipe materials, electrical wire skin, cable skin, refrigeratory, electrical fans and air conditions.

With the development and research of modified plastic, XTCC will become a new more popular filled material in the next few years since it can improve the rigidity, hardness and tenacity of plastic at the same time.

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