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XTCC Special for Adhesives

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Our XTCC special for adhesive has the advantages of smaller particle, more symmetrical distribution, larger surface area, lower oil absorption and moisture. It can be widely applied in the production of polyurethane and silicone adhesive and its superiorities are as followed:

1.Its chemical property is neutral and stable with low moisture content, so it doesn’t react chemically with the other components in adhesive, such as cured adhesive.
2.When it is used, quite large amount should be put into the mold. By this way, the cost of adhesive products is reduced significantly. (For example, more than 50% XTCC is used during the silicone rubber gasket production, and 20-30% XTCC is used during the polyurethane adhesive production.)
3.With its reinforcement, XTCC can improve the mechanical property of adhesive, decrease its shrink rate and expansion coefficient, increase the thermal conductivity, heat resistance, adhesion, mechanical strength(rigidity and compression strength) and corrosion resistance. Besides, XTCC plays the role of lubrication, and together with better process conditions, the performance of adhesive will be comprehensively improved.
4.After surface treatment, XTCC gets good intermiscibility with adhesive due to its small particle size and large surface area. It can be used as thixotropic agent to adjust the viscosity of adhesive, thus to improve its sag resistance.
5.XTCC dyes easily, so it won’t affect the products’ color during the production of pigment.
6.XTCC has varied modified effects on different adhesives. It can improve the rheological property of PVC plastisol, enhance the intensity and abrasion resistance of silicone structural sealant, reinforce increment and heat resistance of hot melt adhesive, increase consistency and viscosity of aqueous adhesive.
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