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XTCC Special for Printing Ink

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The printing ink filled with XTCC has preferable body and viscosity, good printing performance and high stability. XTCC is so easily mixed with polyamide resin that the printed matters are smoother with dot integrity, strong hiding power and better brightness. Its gloss is as good as those filled with aluminum and barium white. During the printing process, XTCC has good absorbency and that improves the quick-drying property of ink.

By the surface treatment with resin acid and special dispersing agent, this series of products have good intermiscibility with polyamide resin, and possess excellent dispersibility, transparency, gloss, hiding power as well as good liquidity, permeability and drying. It’s suitable for high speed printing. Besides, the performance index of ink such as color, viscosity, consistence etc can be adjusted as needed, thus to decrease the cost. This series of products are suitable for ink production of different levels.
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