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Spiritual Journey

2013/8/21      view:
After the production expansion and technical transformation, Shanxi Xintai Hengxin NanoMaterials Technology Co., Ltd shows good development momentum with both production and marketing thrive.
In order to fulfill the spiritual and cultural life of our staff, as well as propagate their professional ethics, strengthen team spirit and cohesion, and also to provide a communication platform, we arranged a two-day tour of five scenic spots in Yongji, including “Pujiu Temple”, “Big Iron Cow of Tang Kaiyuan”, “the Stork Tower”, “Wangu Temple” and “Snow Mountain”. Besides, we also joined the Water-Sprinkling Festival and games. Every scenic spot is full with our happy laughters and cheerful voices.
After this journey, everyone has relaxed from body to heart. This journey will surely arouse more passion for our work and for next development of our company.

Ruicheng Xintai NanoMaterials Technology Co., Ltd is prepared to welcome a glorious future.